GDPR Silver 2018

GDPR Silver™ is a trademark belonging to European Center for GDPR Certification

Our Trust Seal is the only officially registered consumer confidence trademark #017603325  – In daily talks also known as the “GDPR TRUST SEAL”™. GDPR Silver™ is related to a specific client status during the process of reaching full compliance under the General Data Protection Regulation laws and subsequently the right to use our Gold or Platinum trust seal on their website and marketing material to send a clear signal to consumers that this specific company or organization is audited annually and can be trusted with personal data under EU law. The use of our GDPR TRUST SEALS™ are not limited to European companies, but available to all companies’ worldwide dealing with European citizens and fully compliant under EU law. For more information about European Center for GDPR Certification and how to get our GDPR TRUST SEAL™ on your website, please visit our main website.